Understanding the concept

All communication with the Microsoft SQL Server occurs through one single Stored Procedure. It is possible to have several configuration with different procedures, but the standard is one single procedure. This procedure has multiple variables as input with all the necesarry data from the client.

The standard name for this Stored Procedure is "SPAjax", but you can change the name in the web.config file togheter with the connection string.

Input variables

User information

@Ip - The users IP adress, either ipv4 or ipv6.
@SessionID - The users SessionID
@UserAgent - Information about the browser, language and operating system

URL information

@Method - The request method (GET/POST/DELETE etc)
@Url - The complete URL in string format
@UrlParts - Everything before the "?", one row per part.
@UrlParams - All request variables, both the variable name and value. These values are already URLDecoded.
@UrlReferrer - The previous url that triggered this request.


@ContentType - The input data content type. Normally JSON, but could be anything.
@Data - The data represented as a string
@Xml - All data is translated to XML if possible. For example JSON objects will be available as XML.
Last updated: 15 oct 2015

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