Information about the client

Understanding the user-variables


@Ip - The users IP adress, either ipv4 or ipv6.
@SessionID - The users SessionID
@UserAgent - Information about the browser, language and operating system


This value is the client ip-adress. Both ipv4 and ipv6 are supported. The ipv4 can have maximum 15 characters, and the ipv6 can be up to 45 characters. 29 characters for a normal ipv6 address, and 45 if you include the IPv4 tunneling support.


This would normally be how you identify the user. You have to add support for session-handling in the web.config-file, if not, this value will change each time. This value can also be bounded to a user-cookie. This value can be overrided by the Session["mySessionID"] variable in your .NET project, for example using the global.asax file.


This value contains information about the users browser, language and operating system.
Last updated: 15 oct 2015

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