AngularJS MSSQL documentation

Welcome to the AngularJS MSSQL documentation reference page. This software makes it much easier for for you as an AngularJS developer to use the database directly without the overhead of using server side scripting technology. We welcome you to get started today writing your own apps using AngularJS and MS SQL Server.

AngularJS - example code

    .success(function (response) {
        $scope.myData = response;
Query goes to a Stored Procedure in your database

MSSQL Query Example

if @url1 = 'api' And @url2 = 'getMyData'
    SELECT 'Hello' as Data1, 'World' as Data2

JSON Output

        "Data1": "Hello",
        "Data2": "World"

Things you can do

  • Getting server data like ip-address, session into your stored procedure.
  • Getting data from url and querystring
  • Getting data from AngularJS models into your database stored procedure.
  • Returning data simply by using single values, multiple values, multiple rows, multiple tables
  • For advanced users, you can build your own json structure.

Getting the point? / Get started

If this is for you, we suggest you start downloading the software today.
Please start with our installation guide, so you can se how you can get it up and running in only 5 minutes..

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